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My Story...

      Since childhood, helping people has been my passion, and it's a joy to combine an MSW degree and years of business experience to partner with you to dynamically strengthen your life for true, lasting change. 

      I received an undergraduate degree in French and Economics from Harvard University, a Masters degree in Social Work from Boston College, and certification from Duke University as an Integrative Health Coach. Interwoven through the studying, I got married, raised two amazing sons (now grown and gorgeous ;-) #crazilyproudmama), and founded Ellary’s Greens. I went on to open three restaurants in NYC, a challenging (and possibly insane!) undertaking. It taught me more about business, integrity, and leading teams than all the degrees in the world combined, and it taught me that I have magic to share. Best of all was our team and the healthy-sexy food we served. We earned a stellar reputation and won awards; it was a great run.

      After many years of laughing and crying with the Ellary's Greens team and feeding our guests with love, it was time to move on and give back. I am honored to serve on the boards of Dillard University and NOAAM after having served as a NYC Women Entrepreneur Mentor and on the Stony Brook University Leadership Council. Helping clients strengthen relationships and shine with confidence is compelling, dynamic, and fulfilling.

      As "The Entrepreneur Whisperer," I will partner with you to help you access your power, lead with confidence, and exceed your goals. Let's do this!

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