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Stand Out & Stand Strong

Professional Coaching with a Personal Touch To Make Your World a Better Place

If you don’t consciously create a culture for your business, one will form and it won’t be the one you want.


Visionary Leadership

  • Cultivate Mission Statements

  • Develop Philosophy Statements 

  • Identify Core Company Values 

  • Enhance Client Experience

  • Secure Employee Experience

  • Enjoy Healthy Professional Relationships



  • Professional Relationships

  • Client Satisfaction

  • Coworker Collaboration

  • Salary Negotiations

  • Bonuses

  • Your Happiness at Work


Brand Development
To Create:

  • Taglines That Support Your Brand 

  • Captivating Elevator Pitches 

  • Precise Messaging

  • Consistent Company Identity

  • Powerful Social Media Presence 

Whether you have your own start-up, are embedded in a large organization, or simply wondering "what's next?," we are each the entrepreneur of our own life.

Professional Coaching & Testimonials: Features

Client Testimonials

Professional Coaching & Testimonials: Testimonials
Reid Whelan Headshot_edited.jpg

Leith has been a client, coach, mentor, and friend since I met her in 2013. We worked together seamlessly as she created a successful and sustainably healthy eating experience through her restaurants, Ellary's Greens, in New York City. She is an entrepreneur at heart and knows how to identify, reach, and satisfy market demand through her creative and thoughtful business plans. 

When it comes to interpersonal connections, organizational politics, and entrepreneurial dreams, Leith has a knack for finding the catalyst to reframe and turn problems into opportunities. She has the IQ and qualifications on par with the best consultants, but more importantly has the EQ to motivate and navigate clients and help turn business or personal aspirations into reality.

Clarity is her best client deliverable and the most valuable intangible asset anyone can have.

Reid W.

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