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Relationships Matter

Licensed MSW & Personal Integrative Health Coach

Our Work Will

  • Empower you to live the life you want without regret about what you “woulda, coulda, shoulda” done or said and without stress for what lies ahead.

  • Navigate the unknown without fear of being overridden, overruled, or overwhelmed.

  • Ace financial negotiations.

  • Provide the tools to manage toxic people and relationships.

  • Augment your confidence in tough conversations at work and home.

  • Strategize a bold life and take risks to achieve your goals.

Health & Well Being

  • Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

  • Diet & Exercise Tips For Daily Living

  • Stay Healthy When Traveling | On The Road

  • Holiday Party & Family Event Survival

Live with no regret about yesterday, with no anxiety about today, and with confidence about tomorrow.

Personal Coaching & Testimonials: Features

Client Testimonials

Personal Coaching & Testimonials: Testimonials
Lori posed.jpeg

As a mentor and personal coach, Leith has helped me navigate extremely difficult and complicated relationships in both my personal and professional lives. Our work together allowed me to identify and gain insight into old patterns of unhelpful, self-sabotaging behavior, which enabled me to change the behavior and redirect my course onto a successful, fruitful path. 

This impacted EVERYTHING in my life from dating as a newly divorced 50-something, negotiating with my ex-husband, and communicating with my mother, to delivering difficult messages to my colleagues and dialoguing with my senior leadership team. Working with Leith was a game-changer. It's no exaggeration to say that all of my relationships have been enhanced, and my communication skills and style now put me firmly on a successful path, which I had struggled to find.

Lori F., Esq

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