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The Leith Hill
Entrepreneur Whisperer

My Story...

      After growing up in the South, traveling internationally, and moving to the Northeast, I realized the subtle but impactful ways women are socialized in this country. There was a palpable difference between what the culture dictated women should be in the South vs. what women could be in the Northeast. After breaking out of the Southern mold, I got a degree in French and Economics from Harvard University and a Masters degree in Social Work from Boston College, got married, and had two amazing sons (now grown). I founded Ellary’s Greens and opened three restaurants in NYC, a challenging (and possibly insane) undertaking! However, it taught me more about business, integrity, and leading teams than all the degrees in the world combined ever could have. I am immensely proud of the healthy-sexy food we served and of our reputation for quality and genuine care. We had many successes, including feeding the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins through two back-to-back

Stanley Cup-winning seasons.

      After five years of laughing and crying with my team at Ellary's Greens and feeding our guests with love, it was time to move on and give back. I'm honored to serve as a trustee on the board of Dillard University, after having served as a mentor for the City of New York and for Stony Brook University. In 2019, I made the most straightforward decision of my life - to help others enjoy smoother relationships with more ease and with confidence. As "The Entrepreneur Whisperer" I believe in partnering with you; our work will focus on helping you stay in-flow with improved relationships, whether in business or in your personal life. 

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